With over 50 years of experience, NaceCare Solutions has created many floor cleaning machines, including the unique and distinctive face machines. 

Offered here, “Charles” is a compact, yet powerful wet/dry vacuum; the NaceCare 6 gallon wet/dry vacuum offers just as much power as “Charles,” with more water/storage capacity. 

NaceCare also created our smallest and most versatile floor machine the LL 316 13”compact with brush or pad driver option.

LL 316
NACE Care 13" Compact Floor Machine
 Our Low Price: $669.00 
NaceCare WV370
NACE Care 4 gal wet/dry vacuum
 Our Low Price: $349.00 
NaceCare WV570
NACE Care 6 gallon wet/dry vacuum
 Our Low Price: $579.00 
NACE Care Parts
NACE Care Parts
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